• Ingredient Dictionary

    ShiKai has been making products for the natural products industry for over 50 years. We do our botanical extractions in our own facility with a proprietary process that makes our products both unique and extremely effective. We are very unique in that we are still family owned and operated and do all of our manufacturing in house. 
  • BORAGE: a remarkable herb

    Borage (borago officinalis), commonly called "starflower", is a well known herb which is indigenous to North Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor but can now be found in almost all temperate regions of the world.The plant grows 18" to 36" high and spreads 12" to 20" wide. The leaves can become st...

    One of the things that makes ShiKai unique is that our hair and therapeutic body care products utilize natural herbals and botanicals to produce a desired affect.  To get the best results from many of these ingredients, we prepare them into concentrated, water soluble “extracts” which are then u...