Borage DiabetiCare

Borage DiabetiCare

Borage DiabetiCare is a unique line of non-prescription, natural therapeutic lotions, and creams that has been formulated specifically to relieve the severe dry skin conditions often experienced by diabetics.

Three products make up this line: Hand & Body Lotion, Intensive Cream, and Foot Cream.


Traditional moisturizers work only on the skin’s surface. Borage DiabetiCare works on the cellular level from within.


Many chronic dry skin problems result from a deficiency of GLA, a vital omega-6 fatty acid that is required for the formation and maintenance of healthy skin cell membranes and isn’t available in our diet. Borage oil, the main active ingredient in Borage DiabetiCare, is the richest source for GLA. Clinical studies show that borage oil, when applied to the skin, can have beneficial effects on the serious skin disorders experienced by many diabetics.

The unique combination of ingredients in Borage DiabetiCare effectively transports GLA to cells below the skin’s surface, resulting in healthy skin cell membranes that are able to retain more moisture.


Borage DiabetiCare is recommended for anyone who suffers from chronic dry skin. It is specially designed for people who do not naturally produce enough of the enzyme needed to make GLA, including people with diabetes.

3.5 oz Borage DiabetiCare Intensive Cream
4.2 oz Borage DiabeticCare Foot Cream
8 oz Borage DiabetiCare Hand & Body Lotion