Color Reflect Haircare

Reflect the Color You Want. Protect the Color You Have.

Salon quality, plant-based hair care that protects and enhances the colors in your hair.

  • Color Reflect® makes highlights shine brighter.  Fresh botanical extracts subtly amplify certain color tones in hair
  • Protects hair & color treatments. A UV filter protects hair from the damaging effects of the sun
  • Makes color treatments last longer. Heliogenol™ (sunflower seed extract) prevents fading due to oxidation


  • “I just tried your Deep Color Reflect Shampoo, Daily Moisture Conditioner, Mist & Go Conditioner and Color Reflect Maximum Hold Hairspray! WOW!!! I love all your proucts as my hair never looked better!”


  • "Show off incredible feedback from your customers"“Great Color Saver…. Awesome stuff! My hair has improved dramatically since using it people ask me why my hair is so shiny!”