8 oz Borage Therapy Lotion - Advanced Formula

Borage is our #`1 selling lotion for consumers with dry skin issues. 

  • $17.99

What is Borage? 

Borage is a plant that is rich in borage oil which has up to 26% of the essential OMEGA -6 fatty acid, Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). It is the richest naturally occurring source for this fatty acid. It is difficult to harvest, difficult to stabilize, and therefore rarely used in products.  

Borage Therapy Advanced Formula lotion contains significant levels of borage oil, thereby delivering GLA (a critical omega-6 fatty acid) which is deficient in many people with dry skin issues.  The formulation is also fortified with three highly effective ingredients for dry skin: oatmeal, rooibos extract and shea butter, for immediate moisturizing and soothing itch relief.