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    ShiKai has been making products for the natural products industry for over 50 years. We do our botanical extractions in our own facility with a proprietary process that makes our products both unique and extremely effective. We are very unique in that we are still family owned and operated and do all of our manufacturing in house. 
  • Recycle your ShiKai® products with TerraCycle®

    Help reduce waste when you recycle ShiKai skin care and personal care packaging.

  • A Simple Guide on CBD Balm: How to Choose a Product and Use It

    If you've perhaps walked into a local grocery store recently, you may have noticed a new product popping up on the shelves in the health section: CBD. Cannabidiol (or CBD) products are becoming more and more popular every day, but what even is CBD and why should you care about it? CBD can come i...