Borage Therapy Hair care

Borage Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Hydrate dry or damaged hair and nourish irritated or itchy scalp
  • Borage Oil moisturizes the scalp to soothe dryness and irritation
  • Rooibos Extract calms and soothes irritation and itching
  • Extra gentle
  • Non-prescription and fragrance-free
  • Addresses a fundamental cause of dry skin
  • Recommended by dermatologists, pediatricians and diabetes educators


  • “As a guy with fingers that crack in dry, cold weather, I’m grateful that this stuff works like magic.”


  • “I’ve been using this lotion for four months now, and I must say that is has been amazing. I started off using it on my eczema-prone legs once a day after showering. Now, I only use it a few times a week. The results have been outstanding…. I am truly shocked that this lotion has worked better than my eczema medication prescribed by my doctor. This is a must-have for anyone with dry, sensitive skin!”


  • “I love this product. It soaks in quickly and my skin feels soft as a baby’s. I have periodic bouts of eczema on my hands, and this seems to keep it at bay.”